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At its heart, the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter™ is a code of conduct, ethics and methodology.  Its signatories are comprised of many of the UK’s leading behaviour and training organisations who have come together under the Charter’s umbrella to work in unison for the benefit of dogs, dog owners and the wider profession.

In an unregulated industry, dog owners can often struggle to find a suitably accredited professional to help them and their dog.  While there are many excellent professionals working nationwide, there are also many who continue to use outdated and aversive methods without any oversight or recourse.

The UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter’s aim is to ensure dog owners that its signatory organisations and their members will adhere to the most modern, scientifically-proven, positive methodology.  In addition, Charter organisations pledge to take full accountability for their members with transparent working practices, codes of conduct and (should it be necessary) robust complaints procedures.  Because of this, the public can have full confidence that the professional with whom they choose to work, will not use any equipment designed to cause pain, fear or a startle response.


The Charter aims to make a clear statement regarding the future direction of the dog behaviour and training industry in relation to professional standards, tools and methodologies. The welfare of the dogs lies at the heart of its mandate, making clear representation as to what is, and isn’t, acceptable in a modern, progressive profession.

It also seeks to provide assurance to the public, other professional bodies, and Government Agencies that signatory organisations are committed to open, transparent and robust complaints and grievances procedures that can be supported by independent arbitration if needed.

It is hoped that the Charter will give assurance and accountability to the public and other relevant bodies. Displaying the Charter symbol will show that the dog professional is a member of a Charter organisation, and has aligned themselves to the ethical and welfare and conduct obligations that are at the heart of the Charter.

UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter™ Founder Members


The Charter represents canine professionals throughout the United Kingdom and covers a wide range of skills and specialisms - including both training and behaviour. 

If you need help with your dog, look at the individual organisations’ websites to find which organisation best suits your needs, and then search their directories of accredited professionals to locate someone in your area.

Animal Centered

Association of
Pet Dog Trainers

COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers

International Canine Behaviourists

Institute of
Modern Dog Trainers

Association of

Victoria Stilwell Academy

The Pet Professionals

National Institute for Canine Ethics

Supporting Organisations

These are organisations or groups who fully support the Charter’s aims and objectives, and share their ethical stance. 

They all support the dog behaviour and training sector in various ways, and have signed up to the Charter’s code of ethics regarding aversive methodology and equipment.


In order to ensure there is fair, transparent and independent oversight of complaints and grievance, the Oversight committee has been set up. This committee is made up of a board of respected individuals from a broad background, who have no current affiliation with any signatory body. They will be tasked with looking at submitted evidence should a complaint or grievance need arbitration. This committee will look at the evidence in relation to the codes of the signatory organisation and the expectations laid out in the Charter Document.

The oversight committee currently comprises of:
• Gemma Bowkett LLB PGDip(LP)
• Fiona Clarkson RVN
• Robin Hargreaves BVSc MRCVS
• Rabbi Dr Charles H Middleburgh
• Hon David Newall
• Pamela Rose - Barrister
• Dr Motje Wolf

Complaints & Grievances

If you feel you have a complaint or grievance against an individual professional who is covered by the Charter your first action should be to contact their member organisation (see links above). They will have clear details on their website as to their complaints and grievance procedure. Evidence will be requested, and they will deal with the matter initially and report their findings and action to be taken, if applicable. 

Should you disagree with the outcome or require it to be investigated further, you can ask for an appeal to be made to the independent Charter Oversight Committee, including details of what codes of ethics you feel have been breached. They will request any relevant evidence including the initial ruling, and will investigate the matter fully before making a final decision. The committee will contact you within 14 days of the case being raised to confirm the procedure has been started. The Oversight Committee will then aim to make a decision within six weeks of this date unless further documentation or information is needed. 

If you wish to contact us about the Charter (or regarding a complaint), please send us a message.

While any products or services listed on this site comply with UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter codes, this does not imply product endorsement by all or any of the member organisations.


To become a signatory to the charter:

If you are a UK dog behaviour or training member organisation that supports and monitors your membership and would like to enquire about becoming a signatory to the charter, please read the Code of Ethics to check for eligibility and then click ‘Make an Enquiry’ and someone will be in touch to discuss this with you.

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